IMG_20180518_0909201.Always Be Consistent: Consistency means modeling what you want your children to do.The younger the child, the more difficult it is for the child to understand how rules changes form one day to another.As parents always be truthful,never lie in front of your children or encourage them to lie under any circumstance.Teach them to let their Yes be a yes and no be a no, this will help them become honest. If you tell your child to keep his/her room clean and when he/she enter your room it’s in a total mess,this will bring confusion and low self esteem to the child. Be an exemplary, children do what they see more that what they hear.

2.Always Be Positive:As a parent, you need to give your total support to your children in whatever they want to do,always encourage them in  achieving their goals.You need to trust and have confidence in your child.

3.Praise Good Behavior:Children want to be please, it is easy for parents to ignore children’s desirable behavior simply because it is not causing any problem but that shouldn’t be the case.As Parents scold children for doing wrong so as it is important to praise Children for doing right,praise them if you want them to repeat it.This helps the child keep doing right things to please their parents.

4.Provide Unconditional Love:Parents should love their children unconditional regardless of their actions or behavior’s. Even if parents don’t like the actions or behavior of their children they still love their children. Parents should equally love their children, this will bring unity in the family but if one is not receiving the love equally as the other, it brings resentment.

5.Discuss Their Actions and Not Their Personality:Never label your child as lazy,selfish or naught,this will damage the child’s self image,it is better to approach him/her in a pleasant manner making them rebuild a good personality.

6.Help Children To Control Their Own Behavior:Help them understand their actions and certain ways of behaving. Eventually they will be able to control their own behavior from within rather than external forces.Help them understand how their actions affects others feelings and teach them how they could have express it in a different way.

7.Build Strong Communication:Parents should communicate more with their children and be good listeners,make yourself always available to your children for any discussions,let them express your feelings in an acceptable manner. This will make children run to their parents for any discussion or advice rather than going to their friends.

8.Spend Much Time With Them:It is convenient to spend much time with your children to show them how much you love them, by doing so it helps you to fill the time lost and recap all the lost moment and also helps you build strong relations.

It is essential to follow all the above points to have a good relation with your children..

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